SHS Tutor Corner

Working alone and becoming frustrated is tough, especially after these many months of social distance.  We know that starting the school year with less contact with teachers makes new learning difficult as well.  

For this reason, we would like to match student tutors with students needing assistance using this form.  Tutoring can happen in person (6ft apart, or <15 minutes at a time, with masks) at Stevens High School OR virtually via Zoom or other video conferencing.  

NHS officers have organized a space, and students (peer to peer) will be able to help each other with homework and or studying for all subjects *following social distancing guidelines *  in the 9th grade lunch room.   Even if it is just to sit and work on homework, we want to encourage participation.  We hope to have help available most periods of the day. 

If you know someone interested in tutoring others, please have them fill out this form to be added to our tutor  list. They DO NOT have to be an NHS student.