Good Standing

What is a member in "Good Standing?"

Once a candidate becomes a member, they must attend 70% of the monthly meetings (6), pay their $10 annual dues, complete five (5) hours of community services per semester, and particpate in one group project per year.

Per Chapter By-Laws:

  • Article VII: Meetings Section 3—All chapter members are expected to attend at least 70% of all regularly scheduled chapter meetings in order to remain a member in good standing. Adviser(s) must be notified prior to a meeting that will be missed. To make up a missed meeting, members must complete one hour of documented community service prior to the next meeting. 

  • Article X: Dues Section 1—Annual dues for this chapter shall be $10. Section 3—A member will not be “in good standing” if dues are not paid.

  • Article VIII: All members must participate in at least one NHS group service project per year. Each member shall complete five hours of volunteer service per semester (ten hours per year) to remain a member in good standing. (Amended on 2/10/15)


Members who are in good standing:


  • Section 1—Each member of this chapter who is in good standing with regard to the membership standards and member obligations shall have the privilege of wearing the emblem adopted by the National Honor Society. 

  • Section 2—Any member who withdraws, resigns, or is dismissed from the chapter shall return the emblem to the chapter. 

  • Section 3—Chapter members who are seniors in good standing shall be granted the privilege of wearing the honor cord at graduation.